Friday, 30 January 2009

In Passing

More midwest weather fun

And another reporter heard from:

The wife and I were watching The Weather Channel, hoping for some on-the-scene Jim Cantore-brand hyperbolic doomscreaming.  He didn’t disappoint.

He was in Paducah, Kentucky[*], and when the studio weatherchick chirpily asked him, “So how are things down there, Jim?”, he paused for a couple of beats, put on his “My God, the horror...” face, then said in a grim, low monotone, “This reminds me of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.”

Except for the city-destroying flooding, the refugees, the death and the looting… yes, Jim, it’s just like Katrina. - “Dave S.”, in a comment at Blair’s place

UPDATE 090104 19:21: Well, some people who ought to know think it’s worse:
The word from utility workers with direct Katrina experience is that ice storm devastation to western Kentucky’s power grid is worse than that inflicted by the infamous Gulf Coast hurricane.

“We’ve got linemen here from southern Mississippi who were there when Katrina hit, who worked the area after the hurricane,” said Kevin Inglish, a spokesman for West Kentucky Rural Electric Cooperative Corp.” - Paducah Sun, February 3, 2009 [requires registration]
(except, as noted, for the refugees, death, and looting)

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