Thursday, 08 November 2007


More ripping off buyers via DRM

This time it's Major League Baseball:

Allan Wood (a baseball megafan who has written a book about Babe Ruth) purchased over $280 worth of digital downloads of baseball games from Major League Baseball, who have just turned off their DRM server, leaving him with no way to watch his videos. MLB's position is that since these videos were "one time sales," and that means that Wood and everyone else who gave money to MLB is out of luck -- they'll never be able to watch their videos again. -- boingboing
In the comments, an interesting revelation:
That's funny, MLB's own FAQ [link in original - o.g.] on the subject says the license will exist forever:
7. Do I have to obtain a license every time I want to watch the downloaded video?

No. When you first try to play the video, a license will be distributed to you and stored by the player. Unless manually deleted, the license will exist forever and will be used when you try to watch the downloaded video on that machine. If you watch the video on a different machine, another license will be required.

Via: Consumerist, who flag it "Punishing the Ones Who Don't Steal."

Previously: Welcome to the brave new world of "unproperty"

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