Saturday, 05 May 2007

In Passing

"Music. Marching men. Organ."

An ex-RAF codebreaker and his composer son say they have deciphered a musical score hidden for nearly 600 years in the elaborate carvings on the walls of Rosslyn Chapel.
The pair believe the tune was encrypted because knowledge of music could have been considered heretical.
Thomas Mitchell, 75, a music teacher, and his son Stuart, 41, a pianist and composer, say they became intrigued by the markings on the chapel's arches more than 20 years ago.
-- Richard Alleyne in The Telegraph
In the 1940 movie The Ghost Breakers, Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard open the door to the Secret Room in the Haunted Castle by chalking stave-lines across a group of carvings on one wall, and playing the indicated notes on the Enormous Pipe Organ (which just happens to be there, and just happens to still work).  The quotation in the post title is The Dying Man's Cryptic Last Words.  Fun stuff.

Thanks to mkelly, whose post about this story reminded me that I wanted to write this one.

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1 I don't blame them for constantly venturing to the underworld.

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