Tuesday, 30 December 2008

In Passing

Must be some Xenophobic right-wing redneck

... who wrote this:

“The mistake we can never repeat is stifling criticism of cultures and religions for reasons of tolerance.”
and this (paraphrased):
Government and politicians ha[ve] too long failed to acknowledge the feelings of “loss and estrangement” felt by [...citizens or our...] society facing parallel communities that disregard its language, laws and customs.
Newcomers... must avoid “self-designated victimization.”
How about?
[to immigrants:] “Let go of where you come from; choose [...your new country...] unconditionally.”

How about the Netherlands’ largest left-wing political group, the Labor Party?

Could it possibly be that, when the chips are down, political-correctnesss and progressive multi-culturalism might not trump cultural survival?  Stay tuned!

Via: Insty

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