Tuesday, 28 July 2009

In Passing

Nah, didn’t happen...

Lileks on Watchmen:

One exchange stuck out - by which I mean, it made me roll my eyes so hard I almost tipped the couch over.  “What happened to the American Dream?” Owl-guy says to the Comedian, after they’ve dispatched a late-night demonstration demanding more police, instead of masked vigilantes.  “It came true!” grins the Comedian, meaning, all the violence and oppression and fear and war.  The dream was always a nightmare.  It wasn’t about a family and a place of your own and a car and a plot of land where your kids could play; it was really about pedophiliac murderers in filthy apartments and Nixon’s third term and the repression of.alternative energy, and other inevitable consequences of the fascist model masquerading as liberal democracy.

(Links added, 2nd link via IPNote: This post intended more as snarky sideswipe than as great profundity!)

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