Saturday, 27 June 2009


No wonder we’re in a recession

Saturday morning headshakers, courtesy of Charles G. Hill:

AT&T ignores the first rule of business.[1]
Dear AT&T and Apple:  I would love to divvy up many, many hundreds of dollars between the two of you, but I’ve gotta say, you sure aren’t making it easy.

They keep telling us that management is fungible.
It’s still bullshit.
If I could pick just five merry-go-rounds for all the human species to get sick of riding tomorrow morning and never hop on ‘em ever again, this would certainly make the cut:  Putting an “executive guy” in charge of things outside his experience, hoping it all works out because “the business principles are the same.”[2]

[1]  First rule of business:  If the customer is standing there with cash in hand, take the damn money!

[2]   Snark from Kate at SDA:  “But that's ok.  Before he became President, Obama didn’t know anything about governing, either, and look how well that’s turning out.”

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