Wednesday, 21 August 2013

In Passing

Not ‘‘incompetence,’’ intent

Liars All the Way Down  Dept
Glenn Reynolds:
COMPETENCE:  Report: NSA doesn’t know the extent of Snowden damage.  ‘‘The National Security Agency (NSA) doesn’t know how much information leaker Edward Snowden was able to obtain because of an underdeveloped capacity to audit its own data, according to a NBC News report released late Tuesday.’’

This is criminal.  Every single thing he did should have left an audit trail, both as a guard against misuse, and for damage assessment in a case just like this.

I didn’t say ‘‘criminal incompetence,’’ because if the need for an audit trail is obvious to such as me, it surely must have been obvious to higher-ups at NSA.  If the systems lack the capacity for this, it’s because somebody doesn’t want the records kept.  That suggests abuse at a systemic level.
No, it suggests a system that’s working as designed.


And read this:  They Know

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