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Ol’ Saul told us how to do it...

Yes, LET’S Discuss Race. Let’s Discuss It A LOT.  Dept
‘‘CDR_M’’ at Ace:
If I can be whatever gender I want to say I am, why can’t I be whatever race I want to be?  This could come in handy for my kids to nab some scholarships.
I say go for it.  In fact, I think a good start would be for every white male college student to change his registration to black female, and then threaten to litigate if their university won’t accept it.  Ask them, ‘‘If I’m not black enough for you, what is?’’  Press for explicit definitions: Make ’em pick and choose, and then force them to defend their choices.  (If race and gender are ‘‘social constructs,’’ how can you judge?)

(Oh, and consider a simultaneous transgendering from gay male to gay female for additional amusement (and prizes!).)

All would take is a bit of that Evil Conservative Money to hire some of those newly-minted (and not-so-newly-) unemployed JDs, and they’ll be tied up in knots until kingdom come!

Anybody want to start a foundation?

LATER (150816!):
Bookworm offers a how-to:
The coming perfect storm on American college campuses

...the accused ex-boyfriend claims that the charge against him cannot possibly be true... [because] during the time he was dating his accuser, his gender identity was feminine.  Not only was his gender identity feminine, it was also lesbian — and to the extent his appearance on campus was externally masculine, he behaved that way because he had discovered that he had much greater sexual success as a lesbian (with sexual success defined as encounters with other women) when those same women believed he was a man.  He knew, however, at all relevant times, that he was a lesbian having sex with the woman now hiding behind a screen and accusing him of the heteronormative crime of rape.

Not only does the accused ex-lesbian boyfriend deny the charges against him, he counterattacks.  ...The so-called ‘‘victim,’’ has caused him deep emotional distress.  She is therefore guilty of microaggressions directed at (1) lesbians, (2) women, and (3) gender fluid individuals.  Moreover, the administrative tribunal itself is a triggering factor that has caused him to relive... the horrors of a childhood with religious conservative parents who insisted that men are men, women are women, and that marriage can be only between one man and one woman.

Because of these appalling microaggressions and triggering events, the manifestly innocent ex-lesbian boyfriend... plans to... file a suit against the University and his accuser alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, gender bias, emotional distress, and all other claims necessary to compensate him for the terrible emotional wrongs committed against him.
Where’s the popcorn?

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1 The whole problem with Ms. Dolezal is that she is mentally ill.  We would have recognized that even thirty years ago, but in the intervening period the progressives have moved all the goalposts, making gender and race reassignments "positive choices" rather than "Jeebus, you are well and truly fucked in the head and you need professional help, stat."

Posted by: Nathan at 06/16/15 15:22:48 (PnGUM)

2 And for transgender issues where sex-reassignment is touted, might want to read .

Posted by: Nathan at 06/16/15 15:24:19 (PnGUM)

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