Thursday, 31 December 2009


People, not Things

Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Journal:

No matter what we screen for, no matter how much we irritate and inconvenience passengers at airports, the bad guys will figure out new ways to bring potential death aboard our planes.

The real trick is screening out bad guys.  But to do that would require a cultural will the West has not yet shown itself capable of.  It would require us to admit that young Muslims -- mostly young Muslim males [with radical connections] -- see themselves at war with the West, so they require a special level of scrutiny from security and intelligence forces.
It’s not “the West” that lacks the cultural will, it’s “the West’s Progressive political establishment.”  Otherwise, I’d agree.  (And Gunter isn’t saying “profile all the Muslims,” either... RTWT.)

The Israelis, who know something about airline screening, use the concept of keeping  people, not things, off of planes.  We waste our time on “stuff,” to avoid offending the folks who might put it to evil uses.

Sort of like gun control, innit?

Via: Kathy Shaidle, via American Power

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