Monday, 25 July 2011


Post-weekend linkdump

Betcha can’t eat just one  Dept
Danger: Banjo Proliferation
(There’s an accordion in my closet.  Please don’t tell anyone...)

"Mom! The turkey blew up”  Dept
Brigid’s Guide for Bachelor Cooks
(I’ve never had to scrape scorch marks off the ceiling.  So far.)

But big words are HARD!  Dept
The Stupidification Of America
(Because ABC thinks you’re dumb.  Or maybe because they are.)

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Ah...Brigid minds me of the time Mom was making a chocolate pie but couldn't find the double-boiler to melt the chocolate in.  So she tried two saucepans instead.  Unfortunately they were kind of a close fit. And she wasn't paying attention when the water boiled in the lower one.  Can you say "steam explosion"?

Chocolate everywhere.

Including behind the furnace (which was in a louvered-door closet in the kitchen) when we took it out years later.

We still laugh about it, Mom included.  But it sure wasn't funny at the time.

Posted by: Nathan at 07/26/11 13:00:12 (cBrDo)

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