Tuesday, 07 December 2010

In Passing

Prosecution begins at home

From today’s Wall Street Journal:
Wall Street Journal oped, December 7, 2010
Hey Dianne, you gonna prosecute the New York Times, too?

(After all, unlike Wikileaks, the Times is an American publication, run by Americans, located in America...)


Didn’t think so. So STFU.
(And that goes for your little Bill, too.)

UPDATE (101207 21:50):  Wow! (via Ace)

A leading US senator suggested tonight that the New York Times and other news organisations publishing the US embassy cables being released by WikiLeaks could be investigated for breaking US espionage laws.

Joe Lieberman, the chair of the Senate homeland security committee, told Fox News: “To me the New York Times has committed at least an act of, at best, bad citizenship, but whether they have committed a crime is a matter of discussion for the justice department.”
Well, we’ll see.  (And I plan to say more about all this later.)

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