Tuesday, 20 May 2008

In Passing

Race to the bottom

“Obama promises to do his best to even the martial playing field world wide by gutting the military strength of the US — ostensibly, to divert that spending (from one of the few areas where government should be spending) to areas more in tune with his “vision” and to the vision of progressives everywhere: a militarily impotent US, whose vast economic resources are used to fund the pet social engineering projects of those too smart to wait around for sloppy and ineffectual democracy to catch up with the plans our betters have for us...” - Jeff Goldstein, who has the video

“John McCain has promised to bring Democrats into his Cabinet and work with Democrats in Congress. ... Does it mean that when Democrats disagree with him he will embrace their ideas just to get along? If so, why should voters vote Republican?” - Cal Thomas (via Daily Pundit)

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