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Random Linkage - July 17, 2009

I can’t write because I’m too busy reading Dept

Mmm-mmm Good!
Thanks to “Mætenloch’s” comment at Ace: Oatmeal Stout and Heath Bar Ice Cream
(I wonder if that recipe would work with Taddy Porter and Oreos?)

O’Sullivan’s First Law Strikes Again
Dick Morris considers Obamacare’s likely effect on the elderly and wonders, “Where’s the AARP?” (Hey, It’s not about the old folks, it’s about advancing the progressive agenda!)
Via Billy Beck, who says the AARP’s “foolishness” is watching people dressed in their Sunday best, laughing and having a good time on line for the Zyklon B salad-bar.
and that the answer is not the status quo, but to destroy the current “evil-in-its-roots” (socialist) system altogether. (HT: Tam.)

Shall we blame Canad(a/ians)?
Joanna contemplates Canadian-style healthcare:
They were completely helpless in the face of outside forces, so instead of taking initiative to try and solve a problem or expedite a process, they let the system roll over them

Candidate for The Curmudgeons Club
Blue Witch:
It seems that I'm not the only one who finds the whole current obsession with fluffy unreal electronically-based “life” less than fulfilling and completely unstimulating/incomprehensible.
(Go look, there’s even a Venn Diagram!)

Long time passing...
McGehee and Charles G. Hill, each musing on auld acquaintance.
(One whose words I miss is Will Warren, whose “Unremitting Verse” brightened and enlightened the days after 9/11. A partial archive remains here. It’s more than worth a perusal.)

You’ll never miss me till I’m gone
In which Brigid demonstrates that one of the best ways to provoke reader comments is to make your reputation as a great writer, then anounce a blogging hiatus.

Better ask Rachel Lucas

Don’t let ’em push your Guilt Button

...which segues right into: Cat stuff
They do, in fact, control their owners
... not that this should be news, particularly. (HT: Joanna)
A pair of 2nd Birthdays at Breda’s
Happy Birthday, Tighe and Ronan!
It’s Cats and Kids at Meryl’s
Laurence has a Hipcat.
“ a Senator and his doxy, frozen in scandal”
(So where’s the pictures, already?)

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1 Re: beer and ice cream, I do enjoy a good Guinness float made with a creamy vanilla ice cream. 

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