Monday, 23 June 2008


Reporting from the corner of Westfield and Westfield

Indy blog meet:  Good time was had by all, will hopefully have more to follow, as soon as I wake up.[1]

Meanwhile, I’m updating the “Bloggers I’ve Met” section on the sidebar.  A great crowd.

Reports have already been posted by:

James Rummel
Mark Alger (with picture!)
Roberta X[2] (with promise of more to come)

[1] I’m presently attempting to integrate a New Cat into the O.G. household.  The New Cat is a real love who should fit in just fine, but so far the Current Cat is refusing to give her a chance... won’t even come out from under the bed.  This has led to Much Growling and consequential Loss of Sleep.

[2] ...who mentions a certain “Riparian intersection” in a footnote.  Yep, it’s true:  The corner of Westfield Boulevard and Westfield Boulevard.  (Almost like Greenwich Village, where West 4th Street intersects West 12th Street.)  There’s a picture below the break...

Iconic Broad Ripple intersection:

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1 It was good event.... enjoyed it tremendously.
I missed out on talking to you, and almost everyone else too....
Just too many conversations! 

I'll certainly do my best to be at the next one too....


Posted by: Carteach0 at 06/24/08 00:09:05 (Pj1t3)

2 I do my grocery shopping in OKC in a store located at a five-way intersection: Meridian Avenue, 23rd Street, and 19th Street. (Access from 19th, however, is somewhat limited, mostly to keep the intersection relatively simple.)

Posted by: CGHill at 06/25/08 16:29:13 (fE35D)

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