Saturday, 11 July 2009

In Passing

She must be out of the loop

It’s obvious that Peggy Noonan didn’t get the memo.

UPDATE(s) 090711 17:26:

“Doctor Zero” reads Noonan, so you don’t have to:
No serious conservative needs to hear anything from Noonan except her groveling apology for being so horribly wrong about Barack Obama, who she energetically supported for president.  However, it’s worth picking through the flotsam and jetsam of this embarrassing column, to appreciate the kind of intellectual fat that conservatives need to trim from the Republican Party.
• Cassandra goes after somebody named Ta-Nehisi Coates.

• ...and, for reference, I should probably include a link to this Palin-palooza, since just about everybody (“As a man, this sort of bare-knuckles brawl rarely reaches my radar screen.”) else (“...there’s nothing like a left-wing feminist to dissect left-wing feminist misogyny from a new position.”) seems to have done so.

PD link via NewsBusters via Roberta.

Doc0 via Mike: good an entry-level summary of the core differences between us and them as I’ve seen anywhere.
(UPDATE 090713 18:48: I misunderstood, turns out Mike’s endorsement references this post, “them” being environmental Malthusians.  Although IMO the Doc’s Noonan post qualifies, too, with “them” being the faux-conservative RINOs.)

VC via Joy.

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