Saturday, 29 November 2014

In Passing

Shooting Bambi

So the hunt will go ahead:

A city-sponsored deer hunt at Indianapolis’ Eagle Creek Park will proceed this weekend after a judge refused to block the first such hunt in the park’s history.

Marion Superior Judge Robert Altice Jr. denied a request for a preliminary injunction to stop the hunt that could cull as many as 350 deer...
The Indianapolis Parks Department teamed up with the Wounded Warriors Outdoors Program for the project.

The veterans, who suffered life-changing injuries while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, were called from across the country to help Eagle Creek reduce its deer population with the weekend-long hunt.
Not unfortunate for the Wounded Warriors (and good on ’em!), but wouldn’t it have been nice if any taxpaying residents with deer tickets could have been included?

Killing the King’s Deer  Dept

Then there’s this:
Because of the way the deer hunting season works, if the lawsuit [had interfered] with the Thanksgiving hunt, the Wounded Warriors would not be able to hunt this year, as the deadline is November 30...
Geez folks, those overpopulated feral deer are a destructive nuisance.  (The ones that hide in Marott Park keep sneaking through the back 40 to eat my hydrangeas.)  Why is there even a time limit?  (The state will let Parks use ‘‘professional hunters’’through the end of January, but wouldn’t some one-weekend special permits have made great Christmas gifts?  And they might have even brought in a little money to help pay for our perennially-indigent ‘‘professional’’.sports.teams (latest subsidy: $16 million).

Of course, changing the rules would require some creative thinking at the state legislature, so...

(And don’t get me started about our dreamer ‘‘migratory’’ Canada geese...)


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