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There are some things you get to right away!
AP, Which Can’t Issue a Stylebook Guidance To Mention Democratic Party Affliation in Stories About Democratic Lawbreaking, Issues An Important New Diktat to Reporters:
We should continue to avoid the phrase “ground zero mosque” or “mosque at ground zero” on all platforms...  The site of the proposed Islamic center and mosque is not at ground zero, but two blocks away in a busy commercial area.  We should continue to say it’s “near” ground zero, or two blocks away.
Two common factually wrong talking points made by Ground Zero Mosque supporters in private, government and media circles are that:
-- The proposed location is not at Ground Zero, and
-- It is two blocks away.

Neither is true.  The Burlington Coat Factory, the location for the Mosque, was hit by landing gear sheared off of Flight UA 157 when it stuck the South Tower and that gear stuck the roof of the Factory.  An engine from the jet hit further beyond the Factory.  The site of the Mosque is part of Ground Zero.

Second, WTC 7 which was destroyed by the attack, is only one block [away from] the the proposed Mosque location.
Seriously, do they think people can’t factcheck this stuff?

(Dusty has more pictures here.)

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