Friday, 20 November 2009

In Passing

Situation: Sucks

John Lunde (quoted by Glenn Reynolds):

What male reader of Ann Rice hasn’t exclaimed at some point, “Damnit, man, shut up and bite someone!”
I just wish they’d keep the blood and bodies out of my Science Fiction section.

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1 Amen to that!  God, I wish the book stores would move all the vampire/werewolf/fantasy stuff to their own section and leave Science Fiction to Science Fiction.  The whole premise of SF is SCIENCE!  Not fantasy.

I do read fantasy, but I'd rather not have to wade through all of it just to find some good SF. 

Posted by: Crucis at 11/20/09 20:55:38 (L4D3z)

2 Say it with me, booksellers: par-a-nor-mal ro-mance. It should be its own section, next to the emo journals for suburban girls who pretend they have problems because it makes them feel special. And put it in front of the "how to leave your abusive spouse" books, because they're going to need those in about ten years.

Posted by: Joanna at 11/20/09 21:30:40 (gJQTg)


Add another amen to this.  I was just in the bookstore on Saturday and was becoming exercised about this very thing.  Like Crucis says, get the fantasy dungeons and dragons crap out of the SF section, too.

Posted by: Nathan at 11/24/09 15:26:33 (+dSl9)

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