Wednesday, 30 April 2008

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Skip the newscasts, here’s the narrative

Ace tells you all you need to know about how the media is spinning the Obama-Wright kerfuffle:

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, Adolf Hitler is “distancing” himself from Josef Goebbels, telling the German media that despite Goebbels’ long-time position as Minister of Propaganda, the anti-semitic Goebbels “habt sprechen fur mich nicht” and that he no longer wants any questions about Goebbels’ loose talk about a “Final Solution.˜
Now you can skip the news and watch baseball.

UPDATE 080430 23:50 (and category changed): Rachel Lucas:
I’ve been watching some of the anchors and pundits talking about this and half the time it’s like watching SNL.  Because they cannot possibly be serious with some of the sh*t they are saying, such as Obama has done the honorable thing and it’s time to move on from this “distraction”.  LOL.
First they respect you.  Then they suspect you.  Next, they’re upset with you.  Finally, they laugh at you.  And at that point, you’ve lost.

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