Monday, 19 October 2009

In Passing

So this bear walks into a store...

He Knew What He Wanted Dept
The bear made his stop Thursday night at Marketplace Foods in Hayward [Wisconsin], walking through the automatic doors and heading straight into the liquor department.

The bear climbed a 12-foot shelf and sat there for an an hour until employees evacuated customers and called wildlife officers.

The DNR tranquilized the bear and removed it from the shop.

The bear did not consume any beer.
...cause they were out of Hamm’s.

Via: “eddiebear” (appropriate!)

UPDATE 091027 16:30: Welcome Tamsters!  More about the bear in the comments; security camera photos here.

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1 Where the wild things are?  In our living rooms soon enough, it seems.

Posted by: James R. Rummel at 10/20/09 09:51:34 (YuARq)

2 Good post.  Thanks for the heads up.

Posted by: James R. Rummel at 10/20/09 09:57:55 (YuARq)

3 The story reads as if the bear was in the store for an hour, perched on a shelf, with employees and customers present. I suspect the store was evacuated without protest immediately upon entrance of the bear.

Posted by: Mikee at 10/27/09 13:13:24 (sy4fd)

4 Hayward is up in the north woods (about 50 miles south of Lake Superior), and the folks there seem to be rather unflappable about the wildlife:
Around 8 p.m. Thursday, the bear apparently came down [from its perch in a spruce tree overlooking downtown Hayward] and headed south across Highway 63 and Railroad Street. It wandered through the automatic front door at Marketplace and was captured on video as it entered the store. It went into the Liquor Depot, where a quick-thinking employee drew a gate across the entrance to keep it contained in that area. No customers were in the liquor department at the time.

About 35 people were in the grocery store at the time and they were evacuated...

The bear climbed up on a shelf and settled down above a stock of Hamm’s Beer. An employee from nearby Wilderness Walk Zoo and Recreation Park was contacted to bring a tranquilizer gun. The bear was tranquilized and turned over to the DNR, which put it into a trap and took it away to be evaluated.

Marketplace store manager Jon LeBlanc said the bear was more curious than anything. It was in the store about 75 minutes.

There’s a video here

Posted by: Old Grouch at 10/27/09 15:50:26 (RWzLi)

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