Wednesday, 31 October 2007



In which nothing is what it seems! Jules Crittenden summarizes, in his own inimitable style!  Read on...

UPDATE MCMLXIX: Someone claiming to be Greg Mitchell at a website purporting to be that of Editor & Publisher asserts that he exchanged emails with someone he believes to be Col. Boylan or possibly someone who has hacked into Boylan’s email. The person presenting himself as Mitchell claims that Boylan definitively stated he did not send the offending email to the person who has been claiming to be Glenn Greenwald. Which means that (a) Boylan is lying or (b) someone else is using his keyboard or (c) Greenwald composed and emailed the offending statement to himself, or (d) a previously unknown personality co-habiting within the entity we refer to as Greenwald. Or as the entity that for practical purposes we’ll refer to as “Greenwald” claimed in the Greenwaldian puppetry matter (e) maybe someone in his household did it. I don’t know. In any case, it remains funny that whoever did that mocked Greenwald by saying he lacks the ethics of a journalist.
(Quoted only because it's amusing.)

For the background to all this, start here.
For earlier sockpuppetry that may have involved someone who claimed to be at least one of the current protagonists, there's this.

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