Saturday, 13 February 2010

In Passing

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Commenter Rich Rostrom (over at Weasel’s place), on the prevention of political dynasties:

JW[1]:  I’d go further: “No one shall be eligible for election to any office of the United States, or of any state, or of any territory, or any local or municipal government under the United States or any state or territory, whose spouse, or sibling, parent, grandparent, or parent’s sibling, by blood, adoption, or marriage (including former marriages), has previously served in that office by election; all seats in any legislative assembly or adminstrative commission being considered the same office.”

This would get rid of Senators Dodd and Bayh, and about 30 Representatives.

It would have prevented Senators Lincoln Chaffee, Al Gore jr., Liz Dole, Bobby and Teddy Kennedy, and a great many others in the past (there were five Senator Bayards from Delaware).  Also Pat and Joe II Kennedy (JFK was in the House for three terms).

One thing – the previous holder has to have been elected.  Otherwise, the opposition could appoint some relative who hates you to the office for a day, and then you’re blocked.
If spreading the wealth around is such a good idea, what about spreading the political power?

[1]  ...who had proposed “a bill that would eleminate every second generation from following in their daddys’ and mommys’ footsteps in the political field.  Maybe make it every third generation”

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1 Unconstitutional in Indiana, as we have a clause prohibiting "corrupution of the blood," meaning inheritable penalties.  Generally applied to criminal offenses but there's more than enough meat on it for am attorney to get his teeth into.

     OTOH, inheriting a political dynasty is kinda corrupting the blood, too, if you ask me....

Posted by: Roberta X at 02/14/10 01:13:58 (OpUG4)

2 This is a great idea. Put it along with term limits and we've got a winner.

Posted by: Midwest Chick at 02/14/10 07:47:57 (bv6Om)

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