Thursday, 18 February 2010


Stupid Party sellouts stupidly stagger summit-ward

Didn’t you guys learn anything from Massachusetts?  Dept
Dave Camp, R-MI (and Is anybody running against this guy in the primary?):
“I think what we have to do is keep it on the policy and really continue to describe that we have listened to the American people, and anyone listening to the American people would say scrap this bill and begin again, and let’s begin again by focusing on lowering costs...”
No, dummy, the only purpose of this health insurance summit is to undermine the Republicans and give cover to the Democrats.  It’s stupid for the Republicans to buy into it.

It makes no difference whether the Republicans offer anything.  The Democrats hold all the power, let them come up with a plan that the public will accept, or let them fail and suffer the consequences.

There is no need to pass anything.  The Republicans have the best argument: The Democrats already spent all the money, so there’s none left for anything else.  Plus public sentiment backs no-action:
In a New York Times/CBS poll [!!!] released this month, 56 percent said they preferred “a smaller government providing fewer services” to 34 percent in favor of “a bigger government providing more services.”  Some 27 percent named jobs as the most important issue confronting the nation while 25 percent said the economy.  Thirteen percent said health care, fewer than the 16 percent who said “other.”
13% - the best the liberal press could come up with - and 56% saying they want smaller government. Neither is a clarion call for immediate action.

Regardless of the outcome, Republicans will get no credit.  The Democrats and the press - but I repeat myself - will label the Republicans as mean-spirited obstructionists.  It’s as inevitable as Lucy yanking away Charlie Brown’s football, and it won’t be any different this time, either.

Finally, beware the chimera of “bipartisanship.”  For the Democrats and the press (but I repeat myself) “bipartisanship” means Republicans giving up Republican principles to give the Democrats what they want.  This time, just say no.  Your base is watching: Any move away from “no” will be taken as more RINO-willingness to sell out to socialism-lite.   You don’t want to go there.

And as for that message from the American people, Rep. Camp?  You should have stopped at “scrap the bill.”

Provoked by: Bashir, commenting at Daily Pundit, where there’s more discussion.

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