Sunday, 23 December 2007


Stupid Stupid Stupid - #4 of a series

The HD Radio Alliance has issued a new series of spots promoting HD radio.

One problem.  The spots promote HD by dissing standard radio.

In a sort of snarky approach, the campaign features a humanized radio talking to his owner about why HD Radio product is so attractive... ...Traditional radio is repositioned as old-fashioned, repetitive, and lame.

Why does the Alliance feel they have to market HD Radio by selling against AM/FM Radio?...

Why isn't HD Radio positioning against the subscription model of satellite radio or the 99 cents a song iPod? That would make sense because HD Radio could potentially be postioning its variety and free attributes...
(The immediate snarky answer: Because radio is old-fashioned, repetitive, and lame.)

What's more, I wonder how this campaign will be received: "You're hearing this spot on traditional radio, right? But traditional radio is old-fashioned, repetitive, and lame. So that makes you what?  Because if you weren't, you'd be listening to satellite or your iPod right now, right?"

Via Mark Ramsey, who believes that HD's marketing problem is so extensive that, at this point, the content of the spots "doesn't matter in the least."
The problem is not with the campaign it's with the logic underlying the product and its place in the marketplace. Sometimes a marketing problem is bigger than an ad campaign, folks.

Elsewhere: Ken Dardis thinks HD is dead, it just hasn't noticed.

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1 Ddi you hear about the HD Radio ad that touts HD Radio as, "radio with a boob-job"?

Posted by: PocketRadio at 06/12/08 20:10:48 (de+ej)

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