Friday, 17 October 2008


Tacitus tells off Peggy Noonan

...The outrage expressed by your readers hasn’t been incurred because you’ve shifted your support away from the only conservative ticket on the ballot this November.  You’re faced with reader outrage because you’ve expressed the same contempt for your readership that has traditionally been expressed solely by your colleagues on the other side of the aisle regarding conservatives - you extoll conservative virtues with one article and then damn the very candidates who embody those virtues with another, and not due to any substantive reason.  Rather, it’s because those candidates didn’t attend a university with a high enough U.S. News & World Report college ranking and don’t articulate their positions using the same ebullient language found in the stump speeches of Senator Obama.  You’re not sold on Palin or McCain out of lack of substance, but of lack of style...

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Once you were a revolutionary.

Now you're just revolting.

Tacitus link via:  Treacher

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