Saturday, 17 December 2011

In Passing

They should try this more often...

Sierra Club President Michael Brune:

We’ve got Republicans in Congress who are willing to hold the entire government hostage simply to give a Christmas present to industry.
Wow!  Somehow the congressional Republicans found enough guts to advance the Republican agenda by "hold[ing] the entire government hostage.”  Horrors!  Keep this up and, next thing you know, they’ll be acting like the Democrats, instead of a like a bunch of candy-assed wimps.

And Michael, from where I sit a more stable oil supply combined with lower energy prices makes a pretty good Christmas present for everybody, not just industry.   Well, everybody who doesn’t want us to freeze in the dark, that is.  Unlike many of your friends in the Progressive Establishment.


But It Never Stops Dept:

Via:  Ace

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1 Concur, but you 'know' the reason he's complaining is that it's not HIS agenda they are pushing... sigh

Posted by: Old NFO at 12/19/11 21:09:04 (kCq7A)

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