Thursday, 25 October 2007


Today's Socialist Realism

"Palladian photoshopped that crazy photograph from the WaPo [actually the Los Angeles Times - o.g.] article I was talking about earlier today." - Ann Althouse

(In the comments, Palladian says, "I would have done the same to any politician photographed in that way, though being able to use Hillary Clinton's old quote made them an especially good target.")

The image that started it all:

Yikes, look at the photograph of Bill and Hillary Clinton... It looks like a photorealist painting. I'm picturing this the size of a gallery wall and oozing irony. Or as a 50-foot banner hanging along the wall of a large government building. Look at those visionary, upcast eyes.... -- Ann Althouse: The mesmerizing Clintons and the mystifying Giuliani.

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