Wednesday, 15 December 2010


TSA: Qui bono?

Bend over and spread ’em  Dept
Frank James:
Two physics professors at the University of California, San Francisco, Leon Kaufman and Joseph Carlson, have concluded the x-ray backscatter machines (or what I refer to frequently as the Nude Scan-O-Matic) can be fooled.
Don’tcha just feel all better now about that flight out to visit Mom and Dad for Christmas?

But, Hey, it’s not for nothing.  Think of how many Congressmen and their families will have a Very Merry Christmas because of these things.

You see a number of people in Congress and their spouses have invested heavily in the companies that make these machines...
And it’s not just Democrats. Take your blood pressure meds, then RTWT.

LATER (101215 22:30), (Loosely) Related:
TechDirt: US Response To Massive Decline In Foreign Travelers: Keep Crazy Policies, But Set Up Ad Campaign
Basically ever since the Patriot Act, visiting the US has become a huge pain for foreign tourists, and with our lovely new “we see you naked or we touch your private parts” strategy for airline passengers (thank you, TSA), it appears that things are getting even worse. So, if you're the US government, how do you respond...?

...You set up a “public/private partnership” to launch an expensive ad campaign and you fund part of it by charging those very tourists to enter the country.
I wonder how many Congressmen own ad agencies?

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