Friday, 11 June 2010

In Passing

U.K. = “Unlimited Kafka”

...or maybe Joseph Heller  Dept
The Register:
We spoke to Poole Council in an effort to get to the bottom of the affair.  They were quick to reassure us that there was no requirement for a licence to take photos on Poole beaches.  So did Mr 8 actually tell someone that they needed one?  Their spokesman was unable to help us with that.

What about the guidelines?  Where can individuals obtain a copy of them?  They were not, according to the Poole spokesman, available on the web – but he was unable to explain exactly where they might be found.
Poole Council are not without form on this issue...  ...Freelance photographer Steve Cook claims that a council official said he was not allowed to take pictures on Sandbanks, another Poole beach, without a permit.

Mr Cook alleges that the official says this was because of a new by-law - despite the fact that the official council line is that no such law exists.



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