Thursday, 30 June 2011

In Passing

We knew that.

Glenn Reynolds:

...In the face of evidence that an armed populace prevents genocide, the "human rights community” has largely gotten behind a campaign to ensure that there will be no armed populaces anywhere in the world. [scare quotes added - o.g.]
Because the "human rights community” isn’t about human rights, it’s about control.

LATER, Related:
House Dems Set to Demonize Gun Owners with Gunwalker Forum
(which explains last weekend’s Washington Post editorial: battlespace preparation)

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Clearly I need to arse myself this weekend to go buy that new shotgun I've been thinking about.

And about 500 feet of 3/4" hemp rope.

Posted by: Nathan at 06/30/11 15:42:20 (cBrDo)

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