Thursday, 27 March 2008

In Passing

Weekend project: European re-armament

Anyone for a gun drive?

Well, see, outside of major urban areas, Americans find the British belief that you get peace by giving up your guns extremely sinister.  Frankly, if the average Brit weren't so propagandized, charitable Georgians alone would raise enough donated firearms to rearm the British yeomanry.  Texas alone could rearm half of Europe without too much personal deprivation.  The problem is that you probably wouldn't know how to clean them, and abuse of good weapons is a sin for which we would not want to be responsible. - MaxedOutMama, on Euro-American cultural differences

(I found the idea of Georgians and Texans taking up collections to “rearm the British yeomanry” amusing; not that they wouldn’t do it, you understand, but because they would!  The quote itself is peripheral to the topic of MOM’s post, which is a response to a [UK] Telegraph column about Americans’ “desperate desire to belong.”  The whole thing is worth reading.)

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