Thursday, 28 October 2010

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Mark Steyn, on why voting out Democrats is only the beginning:
Where do you go to vote out the CPSC? Or OSHA? Or the EPA?
Or any of the rest of the acronyms uncountable drowning America in alphabet soup. “We the people” has degenerated into “We the regulators, we the bureaucrats, we the permit-issuers”.  “Ignorantia juris non excusat” is one of the oldest concepts of civilized society.  But today we’re all ignorant of the law, from the legislators who pass the laws unread to li’l ol’ you on the receiving end.  How can you not be?  Under the hyper-regulatory state, any one of us is in breach of dozens of laws at any one time without being aware of it.

Related:  “So, where do I go vote... for whoever's gonna fire you?”

Megan McArdle (via Insty):
...more and more of the elites [are] drawn from a narrow class of extremely well-educated people from a handful of metropolitan areas, few of whom have ever, say, been responsible for a profit and loss statement, or tried to bring a gas station into compliance with local and federal EPA regulations.

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