Saturday, 27 February 2010

In Passing

What would you trade for dinosaur-powered space lasers?

What we really want from Government  Dept
In a perfect world, any defense or NASA expenditure could be justified with the words “Because it’s AWESOME! Eh? EH?”  If it makes a randomly selected 14-year-old boy drool around his braces, it gets funded.  Granted, we’d end up with an arsenal of dinosaur-powered space lasers run by ninjas and the Swedish bikini team, but at least it would have full funding.
I’d trade the entire Department of Homeland Security for dinosaur-powered space lasers any day of the week.  If I can get “ninjas and the Swedish bikini team” too, I’ll throw in the Department of Education.

And further wise words from one so young:
We ended up here because we stopped encouraging 14-year-old boys to be 14-year-old boys.
Yep. 50 years ago, we dreamed of going to the stars.  Today Our Betters dream of turning America into 1950s eastern Europe.

I prefer AWESOME.  Let’s do it FOR THE CHILDREN!

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I think our "betters" would be better employed as crash test dummies, personally.  Let's get them started on that and the rest of us can head for Mars.

Posted by: Nathan at 02/27/10 18:21:19 (+dSl9)

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