Wednesday, 21 April 2010

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Whatzit - answer

You guys are too smart for me.

Two minutes after I put the post up, Crucis came up with the right answer.  Yes, it’s a former drive-in theater (or “Twin Theatair,” as this one called itself).  While its official address was 2463 Hoyt Avenue (the street bordering the property on the north), the patrons entered from Prospect Street, to the right of the top-right corner.  The foundation for the two-sided screen is visible at the center, as are the foundations for each side’s projection booths/concession stands, halfway up the contours to the east and west.  (Nobody would build a drive-in with this configuration today: Two separate staffs are more expensive than two screens.)

Opened in 1950.  With a capacity 1800 cars (900 per side), the Twin was billed as “the world’s largest drive-in.”  Probably true at opening, although by 1955 there were five bigger, with capacities up to 2100.  The Twin operated into the 90s, the screen tower burned down in 1996.

The site won’t look like this much longer.  The property was acquired by Citizens Energy, and, as part of the redevelopment associated with the closure of the adjacent coke plant, will be converted to an amateur sports complex.


Twin Theatair concession sign  (at Vismo Films in the Stutz Building)


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