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Who, Us?

Never let the facts get in the way of The Narrative  Dept

Donald Sensing:
The Gwinnett County, Ga., Democrat party tweeted a shot taken in Atlanta during its snow storm of the jammed, unmoving Atlanta interstate with the caption, ‘‘When you spend more than a decade electing people who don’t believe government should exist, don’t get upset when there isn’t one to plow your exit.’’

Which is amazing because Atlanta has been governed by nothing but Dimocrats for 70 years.
The list:
Atlanta’s mayors since 1942

(HT to ‘‘askeptic’’ for the dept. title.)

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That's a stupid straw-man argument anyway, since most conservative and libertarian types would likely agree that somebody has to clear the snow and that economies of scale argue for city/state services to do that kind of thing rather than "I'll dig out my 50 feet of frontage if you dig out your 50 feet.  And I'm only digging to the middle of the street -- the guy on the other side is on his own."

But when your only tactic when faced with serious budget-cutters is to punish taxpayers by first cutting back on the services that people find useful and worth spending public money to support, and then piously blaming all the resultant sturm und drang on the other party, I guess this is the kind of stupid, self-serving meme that you try to perpetuate in order to save your phoney-baloney jobs.

Posted by: Nathan at 02/04/14 16:05:59 (cBrDo)

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