Saturday, 19 April 2008


Whoops, again!

Dang, just can’t get away with anything!

About one percent of the Web pages being delivered on the Internet are being changed in transit... according to researchers at the University of Washington.
In July and August they tested data sent to about 50,000 computers and discovered that a small number of Internet service providers (ISPs) were injecting ads into Web pages on their networks....
[Quoting Charles Reis, UofW PhD candidate and study co-author] "We're confirming some rumors that had been in the news last summer, that ISPs had been injecting these ads."
Hello, FCC???

Comcast interfering with Google traffic?
If J.Random Hacker was doing this, he'd wind up in jail (updated)
(I should note here, for the sake of clarity, that Comcast was not among the culprits named in the UofW study.)

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