Wednesday, 11 April 2007



Okay, let's try something mean:

I note the links to individual posts are of the form "http://[sitename]/[post title].  Let's see what happens if you give the same title to two posts...

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1 Dude, not correct.  [sitename] is nothing.  And [post.title] (notice the . inbetween) gives you the actual title of the post, not the article link.  You need [post.path] for the path to the post.

Posted by: McGurk at 04/11/07 17:38:14 (Ri74D)

2 Was using "sitename" and "post title" as placeholders, not variable names.

Posted by: Old Grouch at 04/11/07 17:48:04 (3y3+0)

3 Gotcha.  Once we get the docs on tags we'll be able to get the full path to a particular post without having to type it in manually...

Posted by: McGurk at 04/11/07 19:01:20 (Ri74D)

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