Friday, 10 August 2007


Your tax dollars at work

This time, we're sending neoprohibitionist apparatchiks to a California resort for sun and fun!

Come next January when the top is up on my Mustang and I am shoveling my driveway, I will be warm in the knowledge that at least some of my federal tax dollars will be used to allow members of anti-alcohol groups to sun themselves at the Bahia Resort hotel in Mission Bay, Calif.
Using a federal grant, the California Council on Alcohol Policy will hold a nice seminar for officials from tax-exempt groups that lobby the California legislature.
And what do you suppose they lobby the legislature for?
“This conference series has aided the development of a number of national and international initiatives, including … excise tax increase,” according to the conference website...

In its September 2003 report, the federally funded Institute of Medicine recommended raising alcohol excise taxes, stating that “top priority should be given to raising beer taxes.”
Gee, if business was doing this, it'd be called astroturfing.  But when our Betters in the bureaucracy do it, it's "for our own good."  Right.
Quotes and info from Don Surber

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