Saturday, 17 October 2009


Blogger captcha hunt redux

Attention Blogger(.com) buddies:  Those fun guys at Google/Blogger have pushed out yet another code “improvement” that (again) means no comments captcha display for some browsers.
How can you verify the word when you can’t see the word to verify?
As I wrote back in March:

Blogger does some kind of a code revision, and the captcha starts getting trapped amid security authentication and permissions problems.  And (needless to say) if I don’t get served the captcha, I can’t authenticate my comments.  Unfortunately, I don’t get any error messages at this end...

...Iin the meantime, folks who use Blogger comments ain’t gonna be hearing a lot from o.g.  Because, much as I love you all, loading Internet Exploder solely for the purpose of making a comment is not going to happen.
This spring it took ’em more than 2 months to get around to fixing it.  Which wouldn’t have been too bad, except it’s not the first time: We went through the same thing about a year ago.

How much do you want to bet that somebody with a bright idea keeps replacing the captcha display code with the same faulty lines, which means no captchas (again) until enough users scream and somebody else fixes it.  After which everything works fine until the next revision comes up, by which time Person A has slipped the bad code back in. Rinse and repeat.

Seems to call for a comment like this one, which I recall seeing somewhere...

/* Do not change this code.
*Especially* do not change this code to anything like ...

Changing the code in that way WILL break functionality.
Which I have had to repair, four times already.

And as certainly as night follows day, the prospect of fixing your broken c*ap a *fifth* time will lead to *me* hunting *you* down and breaking your head - first.

You have been warned. */

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