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Indy Star prints Thanksgiving cartoon, grovels before PC police

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I no longer read the Indianapolis Star regularly, and things like this are why:
Varvel Taken To Woodshed Over ‘‘Extra Guests This Thanksgiving’’ Cartoon On Obama’s Executive Action On Immigration

...After the newspaper began fielding complaints over the cartoon, the Star airbrushed out the bushy mustache on what appears to be a Hispanic man climbing through the window.  Later, executive editor Jeff Taylor removed the image altogether from the newspaper’s website...
Pussies.  If you think you made a mistake, stand up and face it. Don’t even think about trying to make it disappear.

And besides, there’s nothing wrong with the cartoon, unless you argue that unfavorable depictions of anybody of an ethnic persuasion are automatically wrong.  (Appears the SJWs do, but that’s their problem.)

(Of course this is the same Indianapolis Star that couldn’t figure out Indiana’s voter ID law[1] back a month ago.)

Previously (looks like I gave ’em up about four years ago):
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[1] ...which was passed almost ten year ago, and was appealed all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court before being upheld.

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I can do no better than to echo the commenter on the Advance Indiana post:  "Wow, liberal butthurt, much?"  Although I guess I could add, "Man, the SJWs really take things literally, don't they?"

But yeah, Gannett's finest no longer lands on our doorstep, and hasn't for several months.  We buy the Sunday paper for the coupons and the comics page.  The rest of it is fishwrap.

In its place, I get the WSJ, which funnily enough is printed at the same print shop over on Georgetown Road and delivered by the same carrier...

Posted by: Nathan at 12/01/14 21:18:13 (cBrDo)

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