Thursday, 10 June 2010

In Passing

January preview?

BritBlogger Devil’s Kitchen is less than enthusiastic about the new government’s performance so far:

I mean, NuLabour apparently introduced something like 4,300 new criminal offences, and the only things that the Coalition seem to have announced are higher taxes, probable higher taxes, and more crack-downs on personal freedom.

So, would anyone like to tell me what illiberal laws—apart from ID cards (which didn’t really exist anyway)—Our New Coalition Overlords are going to scrap?  Because I’m slightly in the dark.
While most of his commenters are willing to give the Coalition some time, several express sentiments strikingly similar to many in this Mitch-Daniels-“Truce” thread at the American Spectator Blog.

The natives aren’t just restless, they’re out for blood and out of patience.



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