Saturday, 08 October 2011

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July 8, 2011: Kirsten Powers gets played

American Journ-O-Lism  Dept
John E.:
It's helpful to remember just how far this Administration, DoJ and media will go to protect Obama and Holder from [the "fast-n-furious”] story and also how coordinated it all is.
He’s got the video.

Mark Steyn:
...Forget the United States Border Patrol guys that were killed about these ‘Fast & Furious’ guns.  Real-live, or previously live, citizens of third world countries — the kind of people that NPR [and]The New York Times claim to love — are dead because of this...  Why isn’t that a national scandal?”
Because there’s no scandal when it’s their guys doing it.

(Steyn via Insty.)

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