Thursday, 24 September 2009


Marvelous marquees

Theater marquees at
My continued quest to uncover lamp layout and wiring information for a scintillator[1] led to yet another webcrawl yesterday.  Still didn’t find what I was looking for,[2] but did stumble across Cleveland’s Wagner Electric Sign Company, and their gallery of theater marquees.  Yep, somebody still (re)builds ’em like they used to!

The gallery includes 35 projects, two of them in Indiana: The Embassy Theatre in Fort Wayne (bottom picture), which also includes a 3-story-high vertical/blade sign; and the Morris Performing Arts Center (2nd from bottom- both) in South Bend.  (Drill down and you’ll find a PDF about that project.)

The “copy panels” on the front and sides of the Morris marquee are actually tri-color LED displays.  Who says you can’t blend new technology into an old artform?

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[1]  That’s the controller and the associated lamps that produce the twinkling effect of neon-outlined incandescent letters.  Perhaps the circuiting of the lamps is a trade secret?

[2]  Anybody have any pointers?

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