Thursday, 16 June 2011

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More climate corruption

Mark Lynas[1]:

Had it been an oil industry intervention which led the IPCC to a particular conclusion, Greenpeace et al would have course have been screaming blue murder.
But instead, it was Greenpeace that "intervened”:
In a nutshell, the IPCC [press release] made yet another inflated claim that:
…80 percent of the world‘s energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century…
Unfortunately, it has been revealed that this claim is similar to the Himalayan glacier melt by 2035 fiasco, with nothing independent to back it up.  Worse, it isn’t the opinion of the IPCC per se, but rather that of Greenpeace.
Climate Audit’s Steve McIntyre has unpacked the process, concluding:
The basis for this claim is a Greenpeace scenario.  The Lead Author of the IPCC assessment of the Greenpeace scenario was the same Greenpeace employee who had prepared the Greenpeace scenarios...

The public and policy-makers are starving for independent and authoritative analysis of precisely how much weight can be placed on renewables in the energy future.  It expects more from IPCC WG3 than a karaoke version of Greenpeace scenario.
Those feeling fretful about putative rise of anti-intellectualism might begin by investigating the strong odor of rotten fish wafting from the "climate science” establishment and its intellectual” supporters.

Another Report (added 110618 17:32):
LATER, Related:
[1] A warmingist who nonetheless qualifies for today’s Diogenes Award:
...This in no way undermines my commitment to phasing out fossil fuels in order to urgently tackle global warming.  Indeed, my upcoming book argues for a ‘planetary boundary’ of 350ppm – which is going further than most green groups would.  It is precisely because I am concerned to protect the integrity of the IPCC and climate science in particular that I worry about any involvement of vested interests from any side – whether from campaigning NGOs or industry – in what should be an unimpeachably neutral body.

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