Friday, 24 October 2008

In Passing

Pennsylvania turns out the lights

If I worked in our governor’s office, I’d be dispatching a bunch of business-relocation specialists to Pennsylvania right now:

Pennsylvania has begun a major effort to cut electricity use, requiring the state's 11 utilities to not only stop power usage from rising, but to cut it starting in 2011.

Legislation that Gov. Ed Rendell [who happens to be a Democrat - o.g.] signed Wednesday requires the utilities to cut annual electricity usage by at least 1 percent by May 31, 2011, based on usage estimates made by state regulators, who can take into account a major anomaly, such as an unusually hot summer or a substantial surge in demand from a new user, such as a factory.

To ensure that utilities take the task seriously, the new law allows up to $20 million in penalties for failure to meet the benchmarks for electricity usage cuts...

By May 31, 2013, utilities have to cut usage by at least 3 percent, as well as slash 4.5 percent from electricity usage during the 100 highest-use hours of the year.
Well, look on the bright side: The last person out of PA won’t have to turn out the lights – they’ll already be out.

Via: Billy Beck via TheIrritableArchitect, who notes:
I am currently putting wraps on a facility in central Pennsylvania, a manufacturing plant, of over 1,000,000 square feet.  There is an area for incoming raw material storage, the processing area, then another finished storage warehouse, and an administrative office, all under one roof.  The project was supposed to be phasing in a second building, of approximately the same size, after this first one got online.

A few weeks ago, we received word that the next phase is on hold.  I now have at least some indication as to why.

Why?  Because this one building requires 2,500 kVA feed, that's why, and the fucking chiselers in the think it's A-OK to arbitrarily tell producers and consumers what they can do and what, and how much, they can consume.

I hope the assholes in the Keystone State enjoy watching their economy degrade even further.
Amen. Although there’s a good chance the EPA’s coming carbon regulations will wind up putting us all in the same (sinking) boat.

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