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Sales manager’s nightmare is here!

From April, 2008:

Sales manager’s nightmare!
Intempo’s Rebel radio records all your favourite FM stations and cuts out all the DJ drivel and adverts.
At the time, only available in Europe.

Well, here it is 2010, and whaddayaknow... USAToday:
The $250 Abbee Commercial-Free Music System... from Michigan start-up Myine Electronics, consists of two main components: a tabletop base stereo speaker system with a built-in FM tuner and a portable player called Music Lock, which plugs into the base.  The twist: Abbee can automatically record songs from whichever FM station you're tuned to — but it manages to do so without the ads and idle chitchat.

The Abbee base has storage for about 100 songs. But you can transfer and store about 500 songs on the Music Lock portable.  The transfer from base to portable is automatic when the Music Lock is plugged in.  Upon playback, you can skip, pause, fast-forward and rewind.
Dunno about the captive player.  And then there’s the music selection...

Via:  Radio-Info messageboard

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1 Seems like the simpler and cheaper solution is an MP3 player loaded with your favorite tunes and set to "shuffle"...

Posted by: Nathan at 02/27/10 14:29:06 (+dSl9)

2 Agreed. The market for this unit seems sort of narrow:
•People who want a big music library, but
•Don’t want to pay Steve Jobs for it, and
•Don't want to steal it “illegally” via file sharing (Stealing “legally” by “taping off the radio” is OK with them.), and
•Are in receiving range of a decent radio station with a big playlist full of the kind of music they like.

That last is far more likely in Europe than in the U.S., although there are exceptions. 500 songs? With most American stations it’d take a month to accumulate that many.

Still, the technology is kind of neat. Both units are smart enough to keep only one copy of any song, and the Intempo will replace an earlier recording if it receives a “more pristine” version (the review doesn’t make it clear whether the Abbee does this). I wish it had been around 30 years ago.

Posted by: Old Grouch at 02/27/10 16:47:48 (dt7YR)

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