Tuesday, 14 October 2008

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Right or wrong?

“We may hate high fuel prices, but they’ve been driving us in the right direction when it comes to fuel economy,” said General Motors Corp. Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, the company’s leading cheerleader for its $500-million program to develop an electric car, the Chevy Volt. “If we suddenly went to $1 or $1.50 a gallon, that would be really bad.”
...only if you think that maintaining an artificially high price for a fundamental economic input is a good idea.

Because we’ve had artificially high oil prices since the advent of OPEC. And a big reason those prices have been maintained is the connivance of the no-drill Democrats (and the Saudi-captive Republicans) in Congress.

Lutz, of course, argues from the standpoint of General Motors: A failing company that has spent a lot of money on electric car technology; technology that may not have a market if oil prices come down. High prices created a protected space, falling prices might destroy it.[1] And, of course, he’s joined by the environmentalists.

But one suspects that their concern comes as much from elitism and social engineering as from conservation. Consider these comments (excerpted) from AutoblogGreen
10-14-2008 @ 8:34AM | ryan said:

...it would be unfortunate if gas were to get cheap again. Americans have really short memories, and would jump into hulking trucks again in no time.
10-13-2008 @ 12:05PM | Kevin said:

Should every Tom, Dick, or Harry be allowed to go out and buy a 5000-6000 pound vehicle just because he has a driver's license?
10-13-2008 @ 2:13PM | rsbell said:

... Most people are more concerned with their immediate experience: the money in their pocket. “Big picture” thinking doesn't apply to most people.
10-13-2008 @ 4:06PM | Noz said:

Most old habits haven't changed....you'll still find plent...I mean PLENTY of douchebags out in the San Fernando Valley, Simi, etc.. who are living in their burbs house with 2-3 Denalis, Excursions, etc...
(Yep, things would be great if it wuzznt for all them goobers with their big SUVs and short memories.)

One would think that cheap energy would be a great thing for this country. But, of course, cheap energy would solve problems, not exacerbate them.

The trail starts at Instapundit.
[1] For a related example, consider “How come we get the low-grade Coca-Cola here in America?

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